Nächster Live-Termin
29.08.2020 Hauptplatz, Weitra

Welcome to our Website

This is the right place to listen to our music, keep up with the latest Café Duo news and to see where You can check us out live. 


Our comeback is on the way. The first concert is played. Check out the short You-Tube Video from our first show since 2005.

Our music-style is located somewhere between Jazz, Flamenco and Blues and is (as the Austrian magazine WIENER states:) "virtuos Popmusic You´ll love listening to".

We are still building this page so it is worthwhile checking it once in a while.

Now grab Yourself a cup of coffee, lean back and enjoy our music for example on spotify.

Use the contact-form, to get in touch with us or send us an e-mail.